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Case Studies - Aviation

Major International Airport, UK

Operational Problem

Most UK airports are required to introduce 3D cabin baggage screening equipment by deadlines which have been set by the DfT.

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The introduction of CT x-ray technology will have a positive impact on passenger experience but creates complexity for airport operators due to equipment size & weight, power demands and training requirements. This regulation change demands a massive investment for the UK airport sector. How, therefore, does an airport go about understanding what is required to implement this regulatory change?


When investing millions of pounds in a transformation technology programme such as this, communication with stakeholders is key. Our task was to engage with the vast stakeholder base, explaining the regulatory requirements and eliciting relevant user requirements.


Working with the airport, we generated a problem definition with which to test all requirements against. We developed the stakeholder engagement strategy to ensure we had an aligned approach with concise and consistent messaging. We then executed the engagement strategy to elicit the requirements from the stakeholder base.


By the end of the contract, engagement was established with over 200 different stakeholder groups across both passenger and colleague facing areas, ensuring complete message alignment to the regulatory need. Thousand’s of requirements were solicited, recorded, analysed, prioritised and agreed through various meetings, discussions and workshops.

This output also supported the airports equipment tender process,  ensuring the airport could engage with equipment manufacturers and suppliers with a very clear and concise set of requirements across a multitude of disciplines (i.e. H&S, IT, Operations, Financial, Resilience, Sustainability, Service, Compliance etc).