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Case Studies - Rail

Metro Operator, London, UK

Operational Problem

In the run up to the Olympic & Paralympic Games, the operator of the Jubilee Line had 30 unreliable disability elevators with an average uptime of circa 40%. The risk of reputational damage during the 2012 Olympic Games was significant.


To maximise elevator reliability throughout the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond


Through collaborative workshops with the client's technical team, a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis was undertaken for a hydraulic elevator. This identified 3 key methods for detecting failure modes.

3 sensors were placed in the elevator plant room and wired to an industrial PC, which in turn sent harvested data to a central server. The data was then presented the the client in real-time on trend graphs. Red/Amber/Green alarm thresholds were set and SMS alarms sent when thresholds were crossed


100% uptime for all 30 disability elevators for the entire Olympic and Paralympic Games